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Torque Terminal
Late 4th-5th century
Gold, garnet, mother-of-pearl

L 8.9 cm

Stavropol area

This hollow torque terminal in the form of the snarling face of a monster consists of two soldered parts. The teeth are pyramids of tiny gold granulations. The tong, a loop of metal, served as part of a clasp. Two flat mountings soldered on in a vertical position stand for the ears – the inlays are missing. The other end of the terminal was made to fit onto one of the free ends of the torque. To connect the dragon's ears with a conical peg with a circular socket at the top, two chains of twisted wire are used. The dragon's head is decorated with garnet inlays in settings formed by narrow strips soldered edgewise. The settings are also bordered by granulations forming triangles.
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