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The hinge of history swings in all directions
As the happenings of the past are written down.
Out of all that has occurred since man's beginnings,
Less has been recorded than waits to be found.

Tom Zart


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The sea is just so full of secrets I don't think they will ever end. I've made a few small discoveries in the Caribbean, one of which I'll share. This is about the local octopus so it is almost on topic. While diving I found a straight line of fiv...

Description    The website introduces the University of Bath�s special collections, much of which can be searched via the University library�s online catalogue. Each collection is summ...
The Arkansas Archeological Survey and Arkansas Archeological Society will cosponsor a Training Program in Archaeology June 13-29, 2008, at the Jones Mill Site (3HS28) in Hot Spring County, Arkansas.

The annual Training Program and excavation has been co...

The Last Supper (Leonardo)
The Last Supper (Italian: Il Cenacolo or L'Ultima Cena) is a 15th century mural painting in Milan created by Leonardo da Vin...
Sounds like a "brave and galant outlaw" to me!

I feel for the bloke, based on what was presented here of course.

Perhaps Italy should revisit their amateur archaeologists laws.


Just published for detail-hungry scriers of art!  Billions of pixels!

Zoom in on Mary Magdalene.  Wink


I once brought out of Sierra Leone to London a handful of big, alluvial diamonds. Taped them inside my waistcoat and I wore my tie with the judge's wig woven into it. Met at the airport by a diamond dealer from Hatton Garden, who is a family friend. I w...

Neanderthals 'were flame-haired'
By Paul Rincon
Science reporter, Murcia, Spain

Some Neanderthals were probably redheads, a DNA study has shown.

Writing in Sci...
One Person�s Trash Is Another Person�s Lost Masterpiece

Published: October 23, 2007

"Tres Personajes" by Rufino Tamayo

By CAROL VOGEL  Published: Oct...
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Top tips from a very experienced metal detectorist, who is also a senior member of History Hunters.
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Whether you are a novice or experienced treasure hunter nothing is more important than that one great find of the day, but many treasure hunters miss that great find by not digging everything, or by being asked to leave a site, right before digging that last ping, because they didn't ask permission to hunt there, well here are some ideas and tips to help you get "your" great find.
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If you are planning to buy a metal detector, you should check out the features of each before buying one. Metal detecting is a fun hobby but having the wrong equipment can cost you time and money.
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If this is your first metal detector purchase, consider getting some professional and expert advice to make sure that you have making the right choice. Metal detectors usually come with a complete control box containing the controls, circuitry, batteries, microprocessor, and the speaker. Metal detectors also include a search shaft that connects it to the coil and the control box. A search coil senses the metal and the stabilizer is responsible for keeping the unit steady when it is moved.
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When swinging a metal detector, proper technique is essential. if you hold the coil too high above the ground depth is lost. If you swing the coil to quickly, you may miss a valuable target. And if you walk too quickly, you may pass over a target.
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I was using my metal detector in the foothills of Tucson, Arizona. As luck would have it, I never find what I am Seeking. As the day started to come to an end. I was walking back to my truck with the metal detector resting on my shoulder. I caught sight of an unusual looking rock laying on the ground. After picking up the rock I dusted the rock on my pant leg and noticed a fossilized baby bird just off center of the stone. I turned the stone over to reveal more of the bird?s body on the back of the stone.
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An example of buried treasure? As a young man I buried 100 ounces of silver under my parents house. There was a crawl space that could be accessed from the basement. I pulled the plastic back that covered the dirt, and roughly five feet out from the west and south walls dug a hole. I put my plastic container with it&undefined;s ten ten-ounce bars of silver into it, covered it up and left it there for years.
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