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1 Re: Buried Treasure - Where To Look by Shirley on July 22, 2007, 09:28:02 PM
This article was taken from an english newspaper dated 22nd July 2007.  I thought it may be of interest in this thread.

Rommels Loot.
A young German soldier posed for a photo  with his parents. Typical of many that would be taken during the early days of the Second World War.  But this particular snap shot holds a secret that could unlock a 60 year old mystery. The whereabouts of the fabled hoard of looted Nazi gold worth �20 million.
Scrawled on the back of of the photo is a code which investigators hope will pinpoint Rommels Treasure-a cache of ingots, jewellry, and works of art hidden by the SS as they retreated at the end of the war.  Terry Hodginson, the British investigator leading the chase for the treasure said "We have now worked out the code and are pretty confident of where the treasure is.
He believes the co-ordinates refer to a point less than a mile off a tourist beach close to the port of Bastia, on the French Island of Corsica. Mr. Hodgkinson would confirm only that he would be searching an area just off Marana beach.
The hoard was amassed by fanatical SS units operating alongside Rommels Afrika Korps.  It is believed yo be made up of 440lb of gold bullion and other precious objects looted from the Jews in Tunisia during the North Africa campaign.
The Germans stashed the loot on Corsica-a convenient stopping-off point en route from Africa to Germany. But as the Allieds advanced in 1943 it was collected sealed and hidden off the coast, their whereabouts known only by German cartographers.
The man in the photograph is Corporal Kirner. At the end of the War, Kirner was imprisoned along with other SS men in Dachau, and it is here it is said he learned the legend of Rommels treasure.
Mr. Hodgkinson knew of the man Kirner who claimed to know the secret of the treasure. He has spent 15 years investigating German Archives.There is a good chance that Kirner didn't know the co-ordinates himself, but he wrote them down on the old family photograph.
The Rommel  Treasure has been a target for bounty hunters for decades
Lord Kilbrachen who died last year,and served  as a Swordfish pilot during the War, has led an unsuccessful trip to Corsica in 1963 to try to retrieve the treasure.  His expedition was based on Kirner's  testimony made to French secret servicemen when the former SS man turned himself in after escaping from Dachau. Kirner was interviewed at length by all kinds of security agencies-there are files on the subject. but no one has ever been successful in tracking down exactly where the treasure is.
German efforts failed when they carried out secret research last year in order to beat off Terry Hodgkinson.
Under French Law, the proceeds from the tresure would be split between the State and those who found it. But the French would also try to find any surviving relatives of those stripped of their gold.

regards    Shirley
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Buried Treasure - Where To Look

�by: Steve Gillman

An example of buried treasure? As a young man I buried 100 ounces of silver under my parents house. There was a crawl space that could be accessed from the basement. I pulled the plastic back that covered the dirt, and roughly five feet out from the west and south walls dug a hole. I put my plastic container with it&undefined;s ten ten-ounce bars of silver into it, covered it up and left it there for years.

Did I tell anyone where it was, or even that I had buried it? Of course not! The point of hiding things is so nobody knows where they are, right? By the way, I have long since dug the silver up and sold it, and keep my money in the bank now instead of the ground. However, what if I had died while I still had this buried treasure under my parents house?

My guess is that it would be at least a couple hundred years before anyone found the silver. there was no reason for anyone to be digging under that part of the house. There was also no way for anyone to know they should be looking. The obvious question arises: How many people have died and how many die every year without ever telling a soul about their hidden money or buried treasures?

Many. The treasury department estimates that billions in currency alone has "disappeared" in recent years. Where is it all? Here are some of the places to start looking.

Places To Find Buried Treasure

- Under rocks in highway rest areas. There are many reports of criminals and drug dealers to burying large amounts of cash under rocks in the woods at highway rest areas. Hide the evidence, get sent to jail, and what if he never comes out? Treasure hunting time!

- Under the edge of cement slabs. Look for sagging or cracked cement where the ground might have been loosened up.

- In old pump houses. People used to hide things in the pump houses, in the ground underneath, and even inside of pipes that connect to nothing.

- Caches buried near signs. The point was to have a way to remember where the treasure was buried.

- In hotel rooms. Hotel owners report that cheating spouses on business trips hide their rings before going out for the evening, and then forget them. Look under mattresses, on top of light fixtures, and behind pictures.

- In rivers, especially next to bridges. Criminals and kids throw things off bridges to hide them quickly. I have seen several bicycles laying in the bottoms of rivers, and I hear that guns are a common find.

- Inside old books. This has been a common place to hide money for years.

- Inside walls, usually by outlet covers. An outlet cover usually has just one screw to remove, and you might se something by shining a flashlight inside the wall.

- Buried under rocks in backyards. The rock is for remembering where the buried treasure is, and backyards are more common because the person is less likely to be seen burying something here.

Have you ever hidden anything? Do you have anything hidden now? If you wanted to hide money or other valuables, where would you put it? You can understand how things get buried and forgotten. Now start to think like the person who hides things, and you&undefined;re ready to search for buried treasure.
About The Author
Steve Gillman has studied unusual ways to make money for thirty years. To learn more, including more places to find hidden treasure, visit his website; http://www.UnusualWaysToMakeMoney.com
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