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Author Topic: TOM ZART'S POEMS OF CHRISTIAN FAITH  (Read 275 times)
Description: Faith,life,death,love,honor,trust,passion,hate
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Tom Zart
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« on: April 28, 2007, 06:02:34 PM »


Winning souls tend to change everything,
Including who and what we are.
When our darkness within transforms to light
And our eyes have the luster of a star.

We must always pray for the lost among us
Who eagerly race toward the wrong direction.
So they may know their own repentance
Blessed by God�s, grace, love and protection.

All of heaven�s heroes have suffered remorse
From hate, fear, lust, loneliness and war.
They do what they do with deliverance of heart
Defeating the dark side of life and more.

Noah found safety within the beams of his ark
To endure heaven�s cleansing of earth.
Moses the deliverer, climbed a mountain
Descending with God�s guidelines of worth.

David the shepherd, a boy among men
Slew evil�s giant with a flying stone.
Samson the strong man, broke from his chains
Toppling the temple with God�s help alone.

Jonah was swallowed by a monster fish
To be cast up on shore with a prophecy to tell.
Jesus of Nazareth was nailed to the cross
And without his forgiveness we�re doomed to fail.

Lord I�ll feel blessed to greet all your heroes
When it is my time to escape my woes.
I�ll clutch their hands and kiss their face
As we celebrate the journey we chose.


Lord I�m coming, Lord I�m running
Skipping steps all the way to your gate.
I know I have faltered, thanks to faith I�ve altered
Escaping my bondage of hate.

For too long I was selfish, reckless and cruel
Refusing to regret my actions as a fool.
An arrow from heaven found its way to my soul
Since then till now giving love as my goal.

Blessed by my children and the treasures of life
Blessed by income, hard work and a wife.
Led by your wisdom to combat what is wrong
Blessed by your grace, worship and song.

Age is upon me but I�m not afraid to die
All that I stand for will be viewed by and by.
I don�t expect a mansion or wings to help me fly
Only to serve you and yours in the sky.

With one foot in heaven and one down on earth
I pray to be remembered and judged by my worth.
If I�m forced to camp, just outside your gate
I will still be grateful and not, �hesitate.�


Most poets tell the truth of life
Though they may wrap it in beauty.
It's their passion, not their purpose;
To compose is but their duty.

Poets as a rule are high on adventure
Like wondering bards or prophets today.
Embracing hearts and minds with wisdom
Casting through verse their visions at play.

Poets have their dreams and their nightmares
Of love, life, death, faith, and war.
They feel the pain and tragedy of others
Even those they've never met before.

One merit of a poet's work,
Which most people cannot deny,
They say more and in fewer words
To illuminate you and I.

Their poems are used to convey passion
By composers of both good and evil mood.
Some are hateful others loving
Sharing thoughts to be consumed as food.

They fan the flames of human compassion
With their stories of the failings of man.
Professing to follow a higher power
As they recruit whomever they can.

The wild birds sing and flowers bloom
As clouds form figures in the sky.
But only poets will write poems
That shall last long after they die.

God has always had his poets
Who he watches with love from space.
But Satan has his poets too
Who try to lead us from our grace.

Poets are the bell ringers of the soul
As they depict the past, the present and beyond.
They sound their alarm of what lies ahead
As the missteps of man live on.


Jesus is a fisherman
Who saves the souls of man.
Dead or alive he leads the faithful
To the streams of promise land.

He sees us when we�re happy
He hears us when we�re glad.
He whispers words of hope to us
When we face something sad.

As wicked thoughts control the mind
Evil deeds control the heart.
Jesus is who we turn to
When from sins we must depart.

Jesus is a fisherman
Who baits his hook with love.
Casting his line in your direction
From the banks of heaven above.


We�re sought  by Satan of that I�m sure
As he plots to derail our soul.
Greed, hate, lust, anger and fear
Are deeds which facilitate his coal.

He smiles at lies, cheating and theft
He laughs at never-ending war.
He drools to conquer the hearts of man
Shadowing every window and door.

Tempting all with unclean pleasures
His success is weakness and desire.
We triumph only through the power of faith
Avoiding eternal torment and fire.

Goodness and evil illustrate life
Like the two sides of  every coin.
Most can�t help but experience both
As we learn who to trust, follow and join.

Praise our Lord for morals and ethics
The laws of  heavenly command.
Without God�s armor and his grace
We become the distortion of man.

Beware of the streams of evil
Feeding the river of no return.
Where whatever gives us pleasure
Is our only worry and concern.

True happiness results from blessings
Handed down from heaven to earth.
God seems to smile on people in love
Who have chosen to share their worth.

Three types of humans occupy earth
The bad, the not so bad and the horrible.
Somewhere in-between, most us are
And our babies are most adorable.

Far to many become disappointing
Mimicking adults as they stretch and grow.
Lost somewhere in self indulgence
In a world they have yet to know.

Thanks to faith and spiritual teachings
Multitudes follow the path of grace.
The righteous are the hope of man
As we journey the dangers of space.

Reject what is selfish, cruel and unkind
Steer clear of evil deeds without fear.
Listen to the voice of  God in man
And  you�ll remain more civilized and clear.


The first one to love me was you; Lord
And nothing can take that away.
My soul is refreshed by living water
While my heart flows with love each day.

I thank you for the love of my family
And I thank you for the love of my life.
I thank you for all of the blessings
You give to each husband and wife.

Your glory rides high on the sunsets;
Your voice is the thunder of rain.
I thank you for all of the heavens
And Jesus who came to be slain.

I feel when your eyes are upon me
As you listen to my humble cry,
You've redeemed the soul of your servant
To dwell in your mansion on high.

I'll claim each and every promise
From the Lord of the earth and sky.
I'm so glad I'm free from my bondage
Of the grave where my body shall lie.

I thank you for parting the darkness
And guiding my footsteps each day.
I thank you for being my shepherd;
You've walked with me all the way.

I know your armor protects me
From the devil in search of his feast.
And all who are lost without you
Shall dwell in hell with the beast!


David, the shepherd, a tender of sheep,
Would pray to his God before he would sleep.
One day he awoke to the roar of beasts;
A bear and a lion in search of a feast.

David slew both with his knife and his hand,
Though still just a boy and not yet a man.
The Lord's love for David was proven once again,
When he challenged the champion of the Philistine men.

Goliath's beastly fingers and hideous toes,
Made David more selective with the stones that he chose.
One for the giant, he knew he would slay,
Four more for his brothers who were laughing that day.

The giant told David, "I'll tear you apart;
The birds and the animals shall feast on your heart."
David yelled back, "I'll soon see you dead,
And when I'm through I'll cut off your head!"

The worst of all men, drew high with his arm,
Came forth to David to do him great harm.
The youth jumped ahead just as quick as a lynx;
A stone from his sling popped the giant where he thinks.

Blood and bone spewed forth as that devil fell down;
A thousand pound soldier lie dead on the ground.
With Goliath's own sword, David chopped off his head,
Then took it to Jerusalem, to prove that he was dead.


There once was a traveler who was driven out of town;
On his shoulders was a burden that pushed him to the ground.
On his head was a crown made of thorns from a bush,
And the street was so crowded the guards had to push.

They stopped at some sandstone at the top of a hill;
There was a round hole the cross would soon fill.
They made him lie down upon that wood cross;
There they nailed him to prove who was boss.

The beam was up-ended by the muscles of men,
As it plunged down the hole it was carved to fit in.
Then Jesus looked up at the lightning that flew,
And cried, "God, My Father, they know not what they do."

They crucified our Lord as his blood flowed to earth
If inside you believe, you feel what love is worth.
They wrapped him in loincloth when he was taken down,
Then carefully removed his scarlet stained crown.

They placed him in a cave with a large, round, stone door;
Before sealing forever, they lay lilies on the floor.
Though it wasn't very long, and the stone was rolled away;
For Jesus resurrected, to rise on Easter Day!


The darts of the devil fly free on the winds;
And sometimes they pierce both family and friends.
Remember young Adam and his wife, Eve?
When they gave into Satan, the Lord said, "leave".

Ever since then, right up to today,
The devil makes sure we'll sin in some way.
Wear all of God's armor, whatever you do;
Should the darts of the devil seek out you.

Thank God for Jesus who died on the cross.
Our passage to heaven was paid by his loss.
Every knee shall bow and tongues confess all,
That Jesus is our Lord at his final call.

Angels will descend with Jesus in the sky;
He'll greet us with open arms when it's our time to fly.
For our Lord awaits all who believe,
And those who do not, shall be told to leave.


In the tiny town of Bethlehem,
Born in a stable, an infant lie.
While he slept his first dreamless night,
A whole universe of stars passed by.

When Jesus Christ our savior was born
Most of the angels began to sing,
Of peace, and good will to all mankind,
And alleluia to earth's new king.

There were those angels, who did not sing
For they had passed through the devil's gate.
They knew this young lad belonged to God,
And for them salvation was too late.

So let's rejoice, and sing with great cheer,
That night when Jesus slept without fear.
For our Lord's birthday comes once a year,
On that night of nights we hold so dear.


The Son of God came to save that which was lost,
To redeem our soul from the power of the grave.
Where the prisoners of death must rest together
Except for the spirits of the kind and brave.

The preaching of the cross is ignored by fools,
And sinners who are unable to conform.
By grace we are saved as a gift from our Lord,
Who wipes tears from the faces that mourn.

By learning, loving, working, teaching, and prayer,
We submit our years as a tale to be told.
The survival of life is our pilgrimage,
As we tackle each challenge both young and old.

No one can be sure of how long they will last,
Though all have a choice of whom they choose to be.
Warmongers, adulterers, thieves or saints,
Everyone must some day bow down before thee.

From dust we were made and shall return,
After life has brought us to our earthly end.
Though all must walk in the shadow of death
The righteous are promised they will rise again.


God saw that wickedness had fouled his earth,
To a state it could no longer be ignored.
While grieving sadly he chose to destroy it,
Though Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

The Lord told Noah to fashion a great ark
Made of gopher wood and pitch, outside and in.
Three hundred cubits long and fifty in width,
Before the world he knew, would come to its end.

Bring your food, your sons, your wife and your son's wives
And two of every living sort, be with thee.
For with you I'll establish my covenant,
And all who are with thee shall survive the sea.

They all marched forth, two by two, into the ark
And waited for God's waters to flood the land.
For forty days and for forty nights,
The fountains of the deep consumed beast and man.

Inside the ark nostrils kept their breath of life,
As the high waters prevailed upon the earth.
Every mountain and every hilltop vanished,
As all within felt the power of God's worth.

The waters from heaven were finally restrained,
And after ten months the tops of mountains were seen.
God had blessed Noah and all who had joined him,
To multiply, plant and fulfill his dream.


The wise listen to increase their learning,
Where the scorners of wisdom close their mind.
The hearts of the prudent gather knowledge,
For a soul without grace becomes confined.

Our knowledge can help us fulfill our dreams,
Though most of the time with wisdom comes grief.
For knowledge removes our veil of ignorance,
Exposing within the liar or thief.

A wise mind is a fountain of life;
To teach others it's knowledge before death.
Wisdom is too hard for fools to retain,
Who curse their fellows with spiteful breath.

Fill yourself with love and understanding,
For wisdom makes the human face shine.
Knowledge is stronger than weapons of war,
While on ignorance, fools continue to dine.

The words of the wise are heard in quiet,
More than the loud shouts of screaming fools.
Wisdom and knowledge cause stability,
In the lives of those who use them as tools.

We should shun with wisdom what is evil,
And glorify with knowledge what is good.
Better is the gift of learning than gold
For by virtue we become what we should.


Miracles are the extraordinary acts of God,
If you don't believe it, why pray?
Some say, they're just happenings brought about by luck,
Thus, superstition has led the rest of us, astray.

Woe to what the misinformed might think,
Who claim their excellence is their own.
A wise man knows his gifts are from heaven,
And by repentance, his gratitude is shown.

I believe in miracles for I'm alive and well,
I'm loved by God, family, and a few good friends.
I've lived long enough to see miracles transpire;
As one must end, another descends.


Who wrote the tune the songbird sings?
Who made the diamonds we wear on rings?

Who caused the snow and rain to fall?
Who made spring, winter, summer and fall?

Who gave man a woman to love?
Who made the clouds and sky above?

Who lights the stars and moon in the night?
Who makes heaven and beyond so bright?

Who gives us babies we follow till death?
Who made us able to speak with our breath?

Who gives us heroes willing to die?
Who made the tears we shed as we cry?

Who shows us hope and guides our way?
The same one who loves us night and day.


Put on the whole armor of God,
And soldiers we shall be.
Fighting the powers of darkness,
Who thirst for the souls of the free.

Through lust, they try to enslave us,
And silence God's voice in man.
With focus of faith we shun them,
Avoiding the grasp of their hand.

Satan whispers his sadistic thoughts
In every language and every ear.
Tempting all with the sins of hell,
Victims of misery, hopelessness and fear.

Eagerly plotting to disrupt God's works,
Evil swallows up souls like the shifting sand.
The armor of God is our divine protection,
Shielding every child, woman, and man.


Never be afraid to pray boldly to God,
For no matter the crisis our Lord is aware.
Sometimes it's hard to recognize God's answers,
But that's just part of the mystery of prayer.

Some of the greatest heroes in history,
Wore holes in the knees of their pants.
For without God's grace and human prayer,
Man's survival on earth is by chance.

Surrender your soul and make time for prayer
Sharing moments with your Savior alone.
He'll shoulder your burden and give you rest,
As the seeds of his praise are sown.


Jesus is my master,
I'm not afraid to admit.
All I had to do,
Was be willing and submit.

He loves me when I'm bad;
He loves me when I'm good.
He loves me even more,
When I behave as I should.

He knows that I'm not perfect;
He knows I'm guilty of sin.
He leadeth me to righteousness,
And allows me to rise again.


So perfect is nature, though not by man;
It's the brush of our master that paints the land.
The sun comes up and sun goes down,
As in every direction God's wonders are found.

The tide comes in and the tide goes out,
Our faith in eternalness is what life is about.
Contentment depends on which path we walk,
By daylight or darkness; our faith is our rock.

Our confidence and trust in a higher power,
Helps guide us through every moment and hour.
Fidelity to ones promise and observance of law,
Lets our Lord know we heed his call.


I never write a poem
That doesn't write itself.
I catch a buzz and come alive
Like a puppet off it's shelf.

Hearing many voices,
Whose words are never mine.
My pen becomes a painter's brush
Forming visions on a line.

I seem to be a better person,
When it's time to sit down and write.
A higher power guides my hand,
Sharing wisdom by day and night.

People born to create,
Have no choice but to perform.
It's the rush of sharing their gift,
That elevates them from the norm.

What would our world become,
Without intervention from above?
Angry beings in a revolving cage,
With no sense of passion or love.

Lucifer Loves To Bait His Hook?

Jesus is our savior who whips the Devil's hide
After death heaven awaits for all with him who ride.
Disobedience by believers was forgiven by his loss
The future of man was changed by his death on the cross.

We're free to believe whatever till its time to say farewell
All who turn their back to Christ shall suffer the blaze of hell.
Lucifer loves to bait his hook and fish the pond of man
Once he has you in his net you're the victim of his hand.

Some say not to worry for man was once an ape
It's okay to hate, plunder, murder, lie and rape.
I choose to follow the Bible and observe God's laws
Praying for the mislaid in the clutch of Satan's claws.


God's words to Jonah were to preach at Nineveh
A great city from which armies against Israel often came.
Instead he went to Joppa a city by the sea
Where he paid his passage and sailed without shame.

The ship had not gone far before a tremendous storm arose
And the crew became frightened and began to pray.
They threw the cargo overboard to help stay afloat
As they pondered who among them should be cast away?

They chose to draw lots to expose God's offender.
And the lot fell upon Jonah who ran from his call
The sailors tried their best to bring the ship to shore,
When they failed they pitched Jonah to suffer God's law.

Jonah's body hardly touched the waters of the deep
When up came a huge fish, and swallowed him whole.
From within it's belly he had time to think of his sins
Make peace with God, and purify his soul.

After three days, the fish swam close to shore
Casting up Jonah on dry land unharmed.
Again Jonah heard God's voice from his heart
Saying save Nineveh from Lucifer's charm.

Soon after he preached, that Nineveh along with its people
God would destroy unless they turned from their wicked ways.
To his surprise, they listened and repented their sins
And were told by their king to pray for God's praise.

All Poems By
Tom Zart


You can hear all of Tom Zart�s 300 poems of love, war, faith and more 24-7 on web radio at=




Poems of Love, War, Faith And More
By Tom Zart �Soldier For The Lord�
Most Published Poet On The Web

Tom Zart
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« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2008, 09:29:32 PM »

Poet investigated for sending package
Topeka Copital-Journal Mrrch 5, 2,000
The Capital-Journal
LENEXA --- Maybe someone took that passage about "the rocket's red glare" a bit too seriously.
But all Tom Zart really wanted to do was send poetry to the United States Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., to inspire the cadets. He very well may wind up inspiring them, but he had officials there scared for a bit.
The school received a "suspicious-looking package" last month that had the words "enclosed poems" written on it.
"It felt like something moving inside, a lump. It wasn't packed very well," said Maj. Jim Whaley, the academy's chief of public information.
At 2 p.m. on Feb. 15, about 100 cadets, staff and faculty members were evacuated for nearly two hours from one wing of Washington Hall, a building that houses the cadet mess hall, classrooms and the office of the commandant of cadets.
Capt. Christopher Garrett, secretary general staff of the United States Corps of Cadets, "was contacted by an unknown person who explained he was a poet," Whaley said. "He was a very Southern- speaking man who said he would like to send some poetry to the commandant to inspire the cadets."
Garrett was told he would receive an 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch envelope, but the package Garrett sent was much larger and weighed more than five pounds. The caller never identified himself, according to Whaley.
As Zart, 55, tells it, the misunderstanding came about because of a simple slip of memory.
"I had permission from Captain Garrett to send in my book of poems and CD," Zart said. "I sent it in a priority mail box, and when it got there Garrett forgot about giving me permission to send it. It just scared the hell out of them."
The package contained his recital book of 154 poems, which weighed four pounds. Two CDs were included, as well as 10 copies of each of his 13 war poems with accompanying artwork.
Zart, who has been writing military-themed poetry for 30 years, remained calm when Lenexa detectives visited his home to investigate. He invited them inside and played voice messages he had received from the offices of Texas Gov. George W. Bush, former President George Bush and Sen. John McCain, all of who had received Zart's book of poetry, "Remember When" and his compact disc, "Memories."
Persuaded that Zart wasn't an aspiring Unabomber, the detectives left.
Zart was born in Topeka and lived here until he was 7. He came back every weekend to stay with an aunt until he was about 14.
Zart, now a Lenexa resident, used to work on the Burlington Northern Railroad as a brakeman.
"Sometimes we'd be on duty 16 hours a day, so I wrote poems to keep from being bored," he said. "You get to see the world like other people don't get to see it. You see the river, the moon is out, the farms, cattle, people."
His work centers on military and patriotic themes "because I went to join the military after my first divorce because I didn't care if I lived or died," said Zart, who was rejected by the military because one leg was 2 inches shorter than the other.
"Guys I worked with and went to high school with never came back. I wrote them out of guilt that they went and I didn't get to," he said.
In his poem "Freedom," Zart pays tribute to soldiers injured or killed while fighting for their country: "America has survived all attempts to destroy/Knowing the cruelty of war,/And, we who remain/ Must help keep her free/For those who can march no more!"
"D-Day" recalls the bloody battles and the bravery of the men who fought them: "The corpses littered the beach for five miles,/Though heroism had carried the day./With literally thousands dead or wounded,/Those who were left were determined to stay."
Zart appears on several radio programs, including "Let's Talk with Jim Cates" on AM 580 WIBW, where he contributes his "poem of the week." And every Friday he recites a poem on Tom Becka's show on AM 980 KMBZ.

You can hear all of Tom Zart�s 300 poems of love, war, faith and more 24-7 on web radio at=




Poems of Love, War, Faith And More
By Tom Zart �Soldier For The Lord�
Most Published Poet On The Web

Tom Zart
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« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2008, 11:35:57 PM »

I have posted two new poems of faith.

Tom Zart
Tags: From dust we were made and shall return 
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