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Great Treasures Revealed

In this hand out image provided by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on Friday. Aug. 29, 2008, a 2,300-year-old gold wreath among huma...
WorldNews.com,Wed 20 Aug 2008 World News Science Correspondent Vlad Jecan

  � 2006 Mihai Cioc�rlie

Archaeologists digging near the town...
August 6, 2008

Chinese archaeologists on Wednesday opened a 1,000-year-old steel case that was believed to contain Buddhist relics.

A Chinese archaeologist...
,Buried treasure dug up near former Amarillo mayor's home

By JON MARK BEILUE Amarillo Globe-news Aug. 2, 2008, 9:56PM


The origin ...
New Origins for Ancient Computer

By Brandon Keim July 31, 2008 | 9:32:04 AMCategories: Archaeology, Astronomy, Mystery

Lost in the excitement over the Anti...

Pair of disc and amphora earrings linked by a long chain
Hellenistic (Ptolemaic), around 200 BC
From Egypt
Height: 7.000 cm (each)
Length: 43.230 cm (chain)
Weight: 722.000 g (total)


Portrait of Galla Placidia, from her mausoleum in Ravenna
Aelia Galla Placidia (c. 388 � November 27, 450) lived one of the most eventful lives of Late Antiqui...

Three-dimensional cube of 40+ parallel 450 MHz GPR transects. The profiles were collected on the front (eastern) lower floor of the Church of St. Mary Magdalen. The 3D ...

Ch�teau de BLANCHEFORT - Le Roc de Blanchefort (Blanchefort Rock) is a fairly prominent limestone 'spur', on top of which (at 476 metres above mean sea level) is found the scant remains of a watchtowe...
Note that the article below does not make the distinction between the two Procopius tomes. - Bart

The Hunt for the Treasures of God

by Alan Rosenthal � Biblical Productions

   One central mystery has haunted the Jews and the rest of...
What is it?
Hi jlrobi2;

Welcome to History Hunters. A clear photo of the coin would help identification immensely. Also list the letters, words, abbreviations on the coin, in the order they appear on each side of the coin, obverse and reverse. If you able to search...
You will need to get a better photograph to determine anything but it looks very much like a machine made coin. That is all I would hazard at this point.
Hi.  I have a question concerning this coin.  I'm told it is a Spanish real from 1500s.  It is much more regular than any I see on these pages.  I wonder if it is a fake.  Were the coins in this period all irregular cobs, or could this be real?
Figure 1: rare Crusader Era Frankish silver half drachma 1251-57 CE (Communicated by the Israel Antiquities Authority)

March 16, 2005

[A]n extremely rare coin from the days of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem (1099-1291) was found during Isr...
Hello Filemon;

Could you please explain what coins you are referring to and what fortresses have to do with the topic? Thank you.


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