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Gallery: Maritime Archaeology
Maritime Archaeology: recent posts

German U-boat U-352 off the coast of Morehad City, NC. Filmed summer of '07 the video shows the warm and clear Gulf Stream water. In additon there are several Lion Fish on the wreck site.

NOAA and Part...

The 32,700 recorded shipwrecks is a very small sample of the total in British waters. The government is making a good job in preserving and recording these sites. I wish Spain well in catching ...

By Lucy Cockcroft Last Updated: 7:19AM BST 08/07/2008

English Heritage have compiled a list of the top 10 protected ship wrecks that are most at risk of being lost forever.

1. Salcombe Cannon Site, Devon

   First described in 1992 as...

By Lucy Cockcroft 8:43PM BST 09/07/2008

More than 40 per cent of historic shipwrecks in English waters are in danger of being lost forever through neglect and vandalism, an extensive survey has found.


Gold coins & pocket watch face recovered from the Royal Anne Galley

The Royal Anne Galley, a fifth rate of 127ft in length by 31ft breadth and weighing 511 tons (builder's measurem...
Shipwrecks, Maps and Salvage
Treasure-filled Namibia Wreck 'is 16th Century Portuguese Vessel'

Tue, 16 Sep 2008 12:58:05 GMT

Windhoek - A mystery shipwreck laden with gold discovered by geologists off the coast of Namibia in April is a 16th century Portuguese vessel ...

September 15, 2008- Fort Morgan, AL-- The last time this mystery ship was visible was after Hurricane Ivan hit the Alabama Gulf Coast on September 16, 20...
Dear Solomon,

Thanks very much for your fast reply. I just sent you an article to publish in your site, if you want.

At the moment, these people must have some money to continue their manipulations, specially in Indonesia, but I can tell you that a TV d...

First, welcome to our little place on the web.

I have to agree with your comments and I see that similar have been made by others, elsewhere. The company's activities in Portugal were brought to an end, so now they work off the coast of count...
When I saw your post, I had to react strongly...

This organization is the most manipulative I have ever seen, managed by a band of crooks. They claim to do underwater archaeology but the work they do is called treasure hunting and they are not even brav...
Pirates and Privateers
Hello everybody,

Sorry not to be in touch for quite a long time, but I was extremely busy. I would like to inform you that the English version of my book "Sunken and Hidden Treaures of Dominican Republic" was finally officially released in Florida coupl...
Rare Captain Cook memorabilia on sale in Sydney

Tue, 13 May 2008 05:37p.m

A rare collection of Captain Cook memorabilia has gone on sale in Sydney, and it includes...


It�s 1606 as we hunt the high seas
For ships of gold, silver or gem stones.
We eat moldy cheese, dried apples and fish
Till the crew in all are mussels and bones.

None of us expect to live past 40
Seeking to prosper and we don�t care ho...
JEAN HAMELIN, another French Pirate.

In the year 1683, the pirate ship �LA TROMPEUSE� was burned in the harbor of St. Thomas.
The captain of the ship, Jean Hamelin, was at this mom...
Nice to see you here again  Wink

You should discuss this with Doc, who knows the island well.

Virgin Islands Archaeology

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