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At long last we are to make the next dive on the "unknown Spanish wreck" during the fourth week of this month. Charles, my dive partner and co-hort in this mission has arranged to have an archaeologist from the NPS join us as we...
Hello Admin,

Three Cheers!  Thank you for keeping HHI up and running.

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Thanks for your quick response and all the great work.
It is a large, international industry in which Turks play a major role.

Kaspersky Labs Site Hacked:
July 21, 2008 -- (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) -- Russia-based, internat...
"This gang is commercial, they do contract work."

Another interesting occupation I wasn't aware of.  Kids entering the job market today have so many more choices than we had...
Making Sense of Evidence
First, Lubby, let me just offer you a thankyou for your insight and effort on this study, which offers a novel approach in analysing how the internet can be used and abused to promote stock.

Potential investors are responsible for their own due diligenc...
Figure 1: military information warfare operator collecting raw data.  The historiographic analysis of internet websites, blogosphere posts, and discussion boards, requires drawing on aspects of communication diagramming and analysis in com...
"...a shipwreck narrative concerning La Vierge de Bon Port whose historical content may neither be assessed nor verified." - Jesus of Lubeck

As John Colapinto researched projects from Black Swan back to the start of Seahawk, he described this to ...
A real eye-opener, Lubby and most instructive. Thank you.

I think that the role of Jeffrey Kramer is central. He is a prolific poster in a range of related forums, especially http://forum.treasurenet.com/ - from where came the conspirators to set up Doc...

Mark Lawall


   In Mediterranean maritime archaeology, the transpo...

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